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Princess Isis
Third Litter Links -- Born March 13, 2007

Litter's Home Page   First Days   1st Week   2nd Week   3rd Week   4th Week  
5th Week   6th Week

Litter's Mom   Sire of Litter

This red female is living in Illinois with
Linda, Jeff, and their dogs Blaze and Mocha.

Note: Blaze is Scarlett's full blood sister, both from Aggie's 3rd litter.
To go to her page,    Click Here for Blaze

June 11, 2007 -

"Everything is going A-OK with Isis. Growing like a weed. She is a wonderful pup -- a real sweetheart! I got the right pup for us. She fits in perfectly with our family. She is quite the social butterfly. She loves to be outside (at least for now until the cold weather comes). But I will make her a fleece coat (just like Blaze's) and then she will be ready for anything that comes our way.

Take care...tell everybody "HI!" from me & Isis."


May 14, 2007
cropped doberman puppy
Pictures taken after getting back home from vet's.
Ears were cropped yesterday.
cropped doberman pup

Pictures taken at 8 weeks
red female dobe pup

red female dobe pup

red female dobe pupred female dobe pup

Pictures taken at 7 weeks old
red female dobe pup
Behind Isis, siblings play -
Left to Right: Gunnar, Angus, Ruby, Ella

red female dobe pup

red female dobe pup

red female dobe pup
Brother, Deuce, to right

red female dobe pup
Just too funny - Isis and Ella (sister) were both on top of this at one point. Missed the picture, but they looked like a pair of goats!

Pictures taken at 6 weeks old
red female dobe pup

red female dobe pup

red female dobe pup

red female dobe pup

April 25, 2007 -
Linda makes her pick official ...
red female dobe pup
...before hitting the road again to go back home.

Isis is now the name of this pup.
She will go home in a few weeks.

Pictures taken at 5 weeks old
red female dobe pup

red female dobe pup

red female dobe pup
This pup is showing more and more of her lovable side. In fact, it was her persistance to be in someone's lap that won over Linda when she came to visit after a long trip to Texas.
red female dobe pup

Pictures taken at 4 weeks old
red female dobe pup

red female dobe pup

red female dobe pup
This girl is playful, but not always one of the first to greet me. She displays curiosity with a definite lovable side begging to be held.
*Weighed 6 pounds on April 17.

May 25, 2007 -


Unwrapped Isis ears on Wednesday. They appear to be healing nicely.

This morning (Friday) I took Isis to Dr. Frost in Belvidere, IL (40 minutes away) to have ears rewrapped plus for him to check out how they are healing. No infection and they have dried up nicely. No smell or bleeding. Dr. Frost took out all the stitches on both ears. There was a spot on the side of each ear where it was puckering so he had to stretch it out (Isis did not like that at all). He said that she has a very nice ear job and everything is looking good. He gave me a crash course/review on ear wrapping so that I can continue to do it myself...2 days up and 2 days down for the next 2 months. He says that one day I will take them off and they will just stand by themselves. When that day happens and they do not flop down then I will be done wrapping them.

He also told me that she is an extremely fine speciman of a dobe puppy. She has such a beautful face. You got a really good one there. Of course I already knew all of was just nice to hear a vet say so. She weighed 16.9 lb. last week when I took her to the vet on Monday and now today she weighs 17.5 lbs. In 5 days she has gained over 1/2 a pound. What can I say...she loves to eat!!!

Will write more later."

May 21, 2007 -


Then there were 3... (Bruno/Ella\Iyana)

Made it home in 15-1/2 hours (even though we had a 30 min. wait on Interstate 44 in Missouri).

Jeff loves Isis as much as I do. She stole his heart, too. She was snuggling up & kissing us both on the way home. Neither Blaze or Mocha wanted anything to do with her. In fact, Blaze wouldn't let her in the back seat...kept growling at her. But, finally today (Monday) Blaze is now showing some interest and follows me outside when I take her out to go potty. She smells Isis who then becomes very submissive laying on her back. By the way, Isis loves her belly rubbed. Once again, Mocha is showing no interest in her at all. Isis goes up to both dogs and kisses them and tries to get them to play with them. I think she is winning them over. It will all work out in the end...just gonna take a little bit of time. My son (Troy) dog Leia and daughter (Carshon) dog Maggie really like Isis. They got to meet her on Sunday.

She likes to bark at all the dogs. Jeff even made the remark that he really likes the puppy that I picked out. I am glad that he is so pleased with my decision. Jeff told me after we got home that he would have like to have seen the other 3 puppies that you had left still at home. I had told him about Bruno and how I thought he would make a wonderful addition to any family (I am normally not partial to male dogs but in his case I he is an exception to that rule).

We have had no accidents in the house. I seem to just know when she needs to go out. Today she stood at the back door & whined. Took her out into the fenced in yard and she did her business immediately.

The 1st night she slept all night in the crate...not a peep out of her. I slept in the sunroom with her. She didn't have an accident and she was in her crate from 12:30 pm till 6:30 am (for 6 hours). I think she is going to be an easy one to housebreak. What great luck!

She has quite the appetite...a real good eater and she really like the Natures Recipe holisitic food with fruits & veggies that I feed all the dogs.

Took Isis to our vet today. She is 16.9 lbs. Temp was normal. I still have to bring in a stool sample to be tested for parasites later on this week. You will be happy to know that other than her cropped ear infection she is in real good health. Finished up her 3 meds that you gave me this morning. She wants to see Isis back when the ears are unwrapped. I have to bring Isis back in again (in 4 weeks) plus at that time she will be due for another shot. Gave her vet the medical/shot list that you gave me on Isis to be put in her chart.

Now, then there were 2 (Ella & Iyana). Hope that Bruno got to his final destination safe-n-sound.

Hope that things are getting a little more normal now. The end is finally near. Keep up the good work!"




I was a bit saddened when you all left. I hate that we had to all rush off! Brennan had a blast at his party, though.

So glad to hear she is fitting in so well. I told you I had to be strict with the crate training due to the ear issues I was having. The weather just got everything all messed up this year. I have never had this much trouble with ear infections with pups I have sent home and they are all leaving this time with a little bit of one. Ella's was much worse and the one I first did. Anyway, all that is to say, the ones that were with me got a real good start on potty training with the crating I had to do!

That is funny that Mocha is having nothing to do with her. I am also glad to hear that she won Jeff over and that Blaze is starting to accept her.

Today seems quiet since I only have Ella right now. Iyana is getting her ears done today. This morning was the last time for a play session among siblings at the house. I will have Ella gone in the morning and later that day will pick up Iyana.

We ran into Cinnamon at the vet's this morning. It was neat because caught my scent and then showered me with attention. Ella and Iyana got to share sniffs with her briefly. Cinnamon is doing well andher owners are happy with her.

Okay, gotta run! Last thing -- I still can't believe all goodies you left behind. You are one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met. You have also been a great support for me via the emails you have sent -- at times I have needed them most. I am so lucky to have found a friend like you. Just wish you were a little closer!!!!

Take care!

May 17, 2007 -


Leaving at 6:00 pm today for Wickes, Arkansas. We will make a quick 1 day visit (Friday & Friday night) with my cousin. That way we can have a relaxing time outside with the girls -- instead of having to spend it cooped up in a hotel room.

I was shocked to hear about what happened to the black female (tagged blue) now named Iyana. What a horrible ordeal for you BOTH. Now, you can understand what I mean by how your whole world can be turned upside just an instant...without warning...everything changes. You can be sure that by your constant monitoring of the puppies Y-O-U ultimately saved her life. She was lucky to have you as her other momma. You should hold a special place in your heart for her and vice versus. Wish I lived closer so that I could have helped you out. Certainly, you have gone beyond the call of duty for all your puppies. I am sure that you must be exhausted for giving all the excellent care that you provide. You have definitely had your hands full these past 8 weeks. The end is drawing near. I am sure that a certain sadness will be taking effect once they are all gone, but a happiness knowing that they will be well cared for and loved. You have the best dobes in the whole wide world. That should certainly makes it all worthwhile for you to know that you are doing a GREAT job as a breeder.

With all your breeding experience & knowledge: Please answer me this one question? With the previous instances where you bring puppies/dogs back into your home to be place with new owners. Do you think that Aggie and/or Scarlett will remember Blaze? I am real curious to see if they will remember each other.

As you already know, Mocha is very friendly. Blaze is a little standoffish plus she gets to know you on her terms. She will come around but it just takes time - especially now that she is still adjusting to having only one eye.

FYI: I have finally decided to get Blaze spayed this fall (before she comes into heat again). While being in heat this time she seems to be a lot more moody. Will use the laser method (just like we did for Mocha) as the recovery time will be much easier on Blaze.

I was so surprised when you emailed me that Isis likes water, too. What are the odds of that happening? Out of all your puppies that I should get 2 that like water. Both being red females and both from each of your 3rd litters (Aggie & Scarlett). Not knowing this little tidbit of news and picking her out to boot. Who would have thought? Just another reminder that she was meant to be our own special angel. My other dobes (all black/rust) Scarlett, Bambi (both females) & Mithander (one lone male) hated water... in fact, if it was raining they would hold going to the bathroom all day long just not to get wet.

I saw on your web site about Sasha and one of her ears not standing. Both of Blaze's ears do not stand and not because of my lack of trying. Everytime I wrapped them, the minute I turned my back Mocha would take them both off. She was so stubborrn about this one thing. She was bound & determined that these things were not going to be on Blaze's ears...ever. This has always made me upset where Blaze's looks are concerned. I would be interested in your vet doing the same procedure on both of Blaze's ears next spring/sujmer. That is, if your vet cannot recommend a qualified vet (who does ears) in the Chicagoland area. I still need for Blaze to continue to improve physically from the Blasto first. I know that it is not necessary to do (for her appearance) because of Blaze already having the fake eye. It's just that I feel that a Doberman's ears should stand tall. Just makes them look more regal and proud. Blaze carries herself in that self-assured confident the look should fit...she's like royalty...remember afterall her name is "QUEEN BLAZE".

Thank you for everything that you did for our "ISIS".

Looking forward to seeing you again, too. Gotta go get packed so we can take off on time for our journey south."



"I really appreciate your emails and the pep talks! I really need it right now. I am frustrated with Iyana's nowing lumpy head due to residual scarring and Ella's one ear that doesn't want to heal. Keeping close watch on them while trying to let them be puppies (i.e. play) has been trying and tiring. I had to remove Isis' crown today as one ear slipped out and I couldn't mend it. I let the ears stay down a few hours and then wrapped them myself. The goal was to get her to Saturday and take the crown off. The wrap I did will be fine for the standing/training, but I have to keep watch now for infection since the ears are more covered now.

Your question about whether everyone (canine related) will remember each other. They seem to, in a sense, but just like with distant relatives you haven't seen for awhile, they have to warm up to each other! So, let's make the introduction gradual, starting with just Aggie then Scarlett. I think all will go well, though.

As for the ears -- Isis is crate trained and I would highly recommend sticking with it and keeping her separate from Mocha should she not want to leave her ears alone. There will be those "air out" days that you can allow her to socialize with her. Otherwise, I would keep them separate. It is hard to say if my vet could fix Blaze's ears. I don't mind if you want to tackle that later on. If anyone can do it, I think my vet is the one to go to. But, she will tell you she can't promise anything. We had to fix one of Aggie's ears. At the time, I didn't know Dr. Schaffer. The other vet I used did okay. Gave me very little chance of it working, but I had to try. She just looked so goofy with one up and one down! Actually, after the procedure and several tapings, he told me it wasn't successful. Again, not wanting to accept it, I just kept wrapping and kept wrapping until one day, I had it trained -- and now they are fine!?

I need to run. Flew Angus home successfully today. Well, have a safe trip and we'll see you Saturday.


PREVIOUS EMAIL from LINDA (same day)


Picking up Isis on Saturday, May 19th:

With your busy schedule it appears that we should be at your home around 2:00 pm (after baseball & before birthday party). Then we are off once again heading northbound for our return 16 hour trek...HOME with all (3) of our girls.

I am once again bringing a blanket that needs mom's/Scarlett's scent on it...which will be used as comfort for an aid to help her as she settles into her new life...becoming accustomed to her new family.

I am real excited to be finally coming to pick-up Isis and be bringing her back home with us. This much anticipated important day is finally approaching (been counting down the days on my calendar). It has just seemed to take forever. I want you to know that it was real hard for me to leave her after I choose her as our new puppy. I wanted to take her home with me right then & there. But I knew that a couple of more weeks with mom would be best for her. I don't believe in taking a pup away from their mother before they are 8 weeks old. I do believe that there are last minute things that they need to learn that are invaluable to their personality, character & temperment. I can't wait for Mocha & Blaze to meet their new little sister and Jeff (dad) to finally get the chance to meet our new little gal (in person). I am sure that they will ALL fall in love with her - just like I did.

I was sorry to see that Molly backed out for 2nd pick of the red females. I can't believe how people continue to be so ignorant of the Doberman breed. I find them to be consistantly one of the best dogs ever (labs are 2nd, of course). You knew that I would say that, RIGHT! Unfortunately, some people are much too easily influenced by others (I mean those other people who don't have a clue what they are talking about). Dobes are absolutely GREAT with kids! It will definitely be her a dobe would have been a lifelong friend, companion and protector for her family.

That was wonderful news for Brian and Morgan who then moved up to 2nd pick and chose red female (tagged red) and named her Ruby. She has such an excellent personality that you captured ever so nicely with the camera (she's a ham) and such a pretty girl as well as a real charmer. They will have loads of fun with her as she is one truly incredible pup.

Then it was a big surprise for Timothy & Ann who were on the back up list as they now have 3rd pick and red female (tagged white) now named Cinnamon became their pup. She is a real cutie, very loveable..a most enchanting sweet little thing. I am happy that she has been fortunate to get such a wonderful couple to call her own. She is certainly a she is one amazing puppy.

Can you tell that I am just a little bit partial to all 3 red females?

The above-mentioned 2 pups will forevermore hold a special place in my either of them could have been mine. As you know, it was such a hard decision and ultimately I know in my heart that I could have been totally happy with either of them. They were all exceptional dogs! I will look forward to updates on their individual links to see their progress and development in the coming years. I hope that their owners are better at keeping in touch than I was with Blaze. That will definitely not happen with Isis. I will keep you updated on both Isis & Blaze from now on. I promise!

Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day, too.

The weather here in Illinois has been gorgeous. Lots-n-lots of sunshine & warm temps. We are way above the norm for this time of year. Little low on rainfall.

I'll get this off to you tonight and I will be sending you another email tomorrow morning to finish all I wanted to say. For now, I gotta get to is late & I am kinda tired.

The end is near (with getting all puppies to their new homes/owners) so maybe you can get some much needed rest and relaxation -- oh yeah, I forgot you have 3 kids there is no R&R for you in the near future. HA!HA!HA!"


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