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Scarlett's 3rd Litter's 2nd Week
Third Litter Links -- Born March 13, 2007

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By the end of this second week, the pups are walking around!? We had to move them to our pen in the garage which is right at the end of the hall -- always within ear shot. The area we have now given them is a little more than they are using or exploring at this point, but it won't be long and that amount of space will seem small!

Big developments other than what was just mentioned?
They are hearing well as of a couple days past 2 weeks old. About halfway into this week, they began "playing" or at least attempting to play with each other. Teeth are now cut through the gums which happened more towards the end of the week.

[Note: Apologies for the picture quality below. Had to take with phone camera as filled up card for my primary camera with birthday pictures of my son this week!]

2 week old doberman puppys

1st nine pictures on March 29 ...

2 week old doberman puppies

... still in the laundry room at this point ..

2 week old doberman puppies

... observe the new "alertness" of the pups ...

2 week old doberman puppies

2 week old doberman puppies
Good demonstration of the stronger legs!
-- Note red pup in middle --

2 week old doberman puppies
They can't be apart from one another!

week old doberman puppies
All 10 babies and all touching at least one other sibling --
It's a "Puppy Chain"

2 week old doberman puppies

week old doberman puppies

On March 31, we moved the pups out the the garage pen ...
2 week old doberman puppies

The light adds warmth (heating lamp) to the big open space.

2 week old doberman puppies

2 week old doberman puppies

March 28, 2007 -
The pups can hear! They gave me the startled
"jump" when I made a noise today in their room.

March 29, 2007 -
Pups are showing definite signs of trying to play with each other. And, I can get some growls out of them when playing with them - Way too cute!

(Also, our middle child's birthday!)

March 31, 2007 -
Witnessed the little black female trying to gnaw on another.
She is by far the most playful at this point.

March 31, 2007 -
Moved pups to garage pen today. Very confusing to the pups ..
and mom .. but all settled in and are doing fine with the new environment.

April 1, 2007 -
Pups are walking around, more than just a toddle and fall.
Legs still have a wobble, but SO much stronger at this point!

Pups as a whole are playing!
The "play" is very mild, but all are participating.

Teeth are officially through the gums. Have been able to feel the shape of the teeth -- today they cut through.

DEWORMED: (3 day treatment) on 3/27, 3,/28, 3/29

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