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Scarlett's 3rd Litter's 1st Days
Third Litter Links -- Born March 13, 2007

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5th Week   6th Week

Litter's Mom   Sire of Litter

BORN: March 13, 2007

Brief information on litter:

SIZE of Litter: 10

GENDER: 6 Females / 4 Males

COLOR: Black & Rust- 3 Females (1 is the runt) / 1 Male;
................. Red & Rust - 3 Females / 3 Males

* AKC Registered

* Excellent markings

* All healthy pups

day old doberman puppies
1st pup born (about 6:30 a.m.) - A Red Male!
Scarlett went into labor around 12:30 a.m.

day old doberman puppies
2nd pup born - A Red Female
(Yes, that's in the car! The boys had a soccer camp to go
to that started at 8:00 a.m. -- so, we loaded the kids and
mom up. She had the second pup before we left the house!)

day old doberman puppies
3rd pup born - Red Female
4th pup born - Red Male
My little girl and I kept checking in on mom and pups while
boys were at play! On average, Scarlett had her pups about
1 every hour. This has been her pattern every litter.

day old doberman puppies
The first four -- All reds.
BTW: Having them in the car was an absolute first!!
That is what a busy mom of three homeschooled kids
does - IMPROVISE! Threw the office floor mat in the
back of the SUV and voila - worked perfect!

day old doberman puppies
Look close at this picture --
Pups 5 and 6 were both Black Females.
Mom looks happy as a show of relief as the
contractions are low in this picture.

7th pup born - Red Female
After she was born, we returned home.

8th pup born - Red Male
9th pup born - Black Female
10th and final pup was the lone Black Male

day old doberman puppies
This picture shows mom cuddled up with all 10 pups -- Look close!
You can only see the ear of one of the reds peaking out of the pile!

day old doberman puppies
The fun begins!
The human mom has given the kids permission
to now visit with the pups.

day old doberman puppies
You have to observe Scarlett in these pics.
She just had a REALLY long day birthing new babies
and she is COMPLETELY fine with the kids!

day old doberman puppies

day old doberman puppies
A kiss and some love for a job well done!

day old doberman puppies

day old doberman puppies

day old doberman puppies
Last of the 1st day pics -- Mom's pooped out!

March 14, 2007 - Pups get Tail Docked & Dew Claws removed!

day old doberman puppies
We're loaded up and off to the vet's...

And, after about 2 hours spent waiting there -

day old doberman puppies
The pups are back home and resting with mom again.

day old doberman puppies

day old doberman puppies
Mom's resting ...
I think the whole experience is more traumatic for mom
just having to be away from her babies - not happy about that!

day old doberman puppies

day old doberman puppies

March 15, 2007
day old doberman puppies

day old doberman puppies

March 17, 2007 ...


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