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Puppy Care Advice

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Puppy Supply List
Bringing Puppy Home
Vaccination Schedule
How to Train Your Doberman
New Owner's Guide to Dobermans
Comparing Dog Food Brands
Nipping at Owner
Cats and Dobermans
Ear Cropping - Why? and General Guidance
Puppy Training Problems
Picking a Name for your Puppy
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Supplies Your New Puppy Will Need

1.Pet food - to get your new puppy off to a good start choose a puppy formula. We recommend Nutro Max Puppy Formula for large breeds.

2. Food and water bowls.

3. Identification tag, collar and leash.

4. Travel crate to accommodate your puppy's adult size.

5. Stain remover for accidents and spills.

6. Shedding blade for your new puppy's coat.

7. Dog shampoo.

8. Safe chew toys to ease teething.

9. Flea, tick and parasite controls.

10. Nail clippers.

We also highly recommend the following priobiotic for good intestinal health:
Bringing Home Your New Puppy

Your new puppy will need time to adjust to its new home. The environment will be different and the pup will be missing mom and its littermates.

Being surrounded by new faces and voices will be strange for your pup. It will all be a little overwhelming. To help your pup adjust with minimal stress, make sure you allow your new pup quiet time to rest.

White noise (fan, static on a radio, etc.) is actually soothing. Try placing the crate in a bathroom, turn on the fan - put the pup in the crate and close the door.

We recommend that you bring either a towel or a blanket with you at time of pick up. We can then rub it on mom and the littermates to get their scent on it. Keep this with your new pup as it will provide some comfort.

Recommended for leash training:

[From: The Humane Society]
Distemper -
An airborne viral disease of the lungs, intestines and brain.

Hepatitis -
A viral disease of the liver.

Leptospirosis -
A bacterial disease of the urinary system.

Parainfluenza -
Infectious bronchitis.

Parvovirus -
A viral disease of the intestines.

Rabies -
A viral disease fatal to humans and other animals.

Corona -
A viral disease of the intestines.

Bordetella -
A bacterial infection (kennel cough).
Schedule for Pups:
6 weeks to 1 year

6 to 8 weeks -
First puppy shot (DHLPP) + Corona

11 to 12 weeks -
Second puppy shot (DHLPP) + Corona

15 to 16 weeks -
Third puppy shot (DHLPP) + Corona

Over 4 months -
Rabies (repeat l year later)

7 to 9 months -
First heartworm test
Schedule for Adult Dogs:
(After 1 year old)

DHLPP - Yearly

Heartworm test - Yearly

Rabies - Every 3 years (after second Rabies shot)

Bordetella - Yearly

How to Train Your Doberman
Nationally renowned author and professional
dog trainer Liz Palika presents a comprehensive
training guide geared to teaching the average
owner how to train his Doberman Pinscher and
to help his dog become a well-mannered
addition to the household. Includes chapters
on how to select the right dog for you, canine
development, puppy training, housebreaking,
formal training, basic obedience, problem
prevention and solutions, advanced training,
dog sports and how to have fun while
training your dog.

New Owner's Guide to Dobermans
This book is great for people new to the
Doberman. It gives an overview of the
breed's history, temperament, care and
training requirements. It touches on the
different activities you can participate in
with your Doberman and lists addresses to
contact for more info. The health care
chapter briefly explains all the major
diseases and parasites that you must have
your dog vaccinated against. For more in
depth training methods for the novice,
however, it is best to consult a specific
manual on the subject (see suggested training

How does your Dog Food Brand compare?

Are you concerned about the dry food your dog is eating? Looking for detailed information about certain food ingredients? Confused about inconsistent information about dogfood from pet food manufacturers? Need help comparing dog food brands and finding a better one? Check out the following web site:
>> This is not an advertisement <<
*Good Information!

Nipping at Owner
May 5, 2002 -

"One question I have:
The pup started nipping at us even in the truck on our way home from the airport. She does it to everyone and a lot. I thought (hoped) it was due to her thinking we were her new 'littermates' and that's how she acted with them.

"We hold her mouth closed tight for 2 seconds then release and give her a toy to chew or pet her again. Does this sound OK? It's not chewing as much as nipping, so I need to 'nip' it in the bud."

"We are doing the touching, etc. etc. . you talk about on your Web site. She seems to tell already from the tone of my voice when she needs to stop something, I don't say 'no' a lot. I either substitute the behavior with the right thing to do, or I look her in the eyes with a firm voice and she seems to get it. Any advice?"

Thanks, Kathy


I simply told Kathy that what she is doing is perfect. What you have to keep in mind is the age - 7 weeks. At this age, all the pups seemed to like to chew on hands, toes, nip at skin, each other... This has to be corrected and the method Kathy is using is great.

You absolutely must not allow the chewing on your body parts, though. Definitely not good behavior. As the pup gets older, the tendency to chew will decrease. By 12 weeks of age, there is a big difference in the desire to chew opposed to 7 weeks of age.
October 8, 2002 -
"Hi Laura -
"Remember me and Kala, from Arkansas? She is doing fine. Weighs about 75 #. Ears came out really good. She is a very high energy dog, but hopefully that will subside a little after she outgrows her puppy stage."

"I have a question that I was hoping maybe you could answer. Kala has a pretty good case of dandruff, although I brush her at least every other day. The vet noticed that several months ago and gave me some EFA caps to give her daily. That didn't seem to help much. Any suggestions on what I should try and/or do?"

Thanks...........Bill Barry"


Great to hear back from you! I lost your e-mail address due to a virus or you would have heard from me checking to see how everything was. Kala is not alone in the energy department. I have heard this from the other owners as well. It is something that will be outgrown. That is the one downfall, per se, to a Dobe pup at this age (~10 months) - she looks like an adult in respect to size but is still VERY much a puppy!! I always found myself having to remind myself that Aggie was still just a puppy.

"In regards to the dandruff - two thoughts:
1. What kind of shampoo are you using when you bathe her?
-shampoo made for dogs is pH balanced to their needs

2. Cut down on your brushing her. This is probably the cause. I have noticed with Aggie in the past that the more often I brush her, the more flakes of skin. I would suggest just brushing once a week. If that does not fix the problem, once every two weeks. It is not like the hair is going to knot!

"I understand that frequent brushing will help cut down on shedding. I did something this summer for the first time to Aggie and I am going to keep doing it because I love it. I took some old hair clippers I had and buzzed the hair on her back - short! My husband had suggested doing this about a year ago. I thought he was crazy - buzz a Dobe?! But, by appearance, you can't tell it. It has cut down on the shedding and no flakes. But, I think the main thing for you right now is just cut down on the brushing. Just to let you know where some of the others are at in regards to weight, I know of one male that is already pushing 90 lb. The other female is about the same as Kala. We would love to see some updated pictures. Take care!"

October 9, 2002 -
Thanks for the response. In regard to Kala's dandruff, I'm going to try three things:

(1) No brushing her as often, per your suggestion

(2) Giving her some more of the daily EFA capsules, per the vet's suggestion

(3) Wiping her down a couple of times a week with a solution of warm water to which is added one capful each of bleach and a mild bath oil, per a suggestion I found in my New Owner's Guide to Doberman Pinchers book by Faye Strauss. She recommends this as an excellent coat conditioner and to help kill any skin fungus - so I figured it might also help dandruff."

[The above shampoo is all around good shampoo for many skin conditions including dandruff.]

Cats and Dobes
"Good afternoon Laura.

"How have your dobbys been around cats. Is there any way we can condition the
pups (Trinity) to cats earlier. Is there any cats in your neighboorhood that you could introduce her to?"

Thanks Tara M.


Don't worry about the pup with cats. If she is brought up with them, there isn't going to be a problem. She will play with them (if they let her!) and will probably become protective of them. They will become family. My mother has 3 Dobermans and 3 Yorkies -- the small ones. The Dobes are great with them.

Just the other day I was speaking to one of the owners from Aggie's first litter (Natasha's owner, Leslie). She told me a funny story about their Dobe who has never been around cats. She said they went out of town and had some friends "babysit". The friends had a cat. Apparently, the Dobe and the cat fell in love with each other -- they would just sit and lick each other!!

Click here to read a letter sent in from an owner regarding their Dobe from us and how she fit in with their pets!
Ear Posting Guide for Cropped Ears
If you are going to crop the ears -- and we think you should!! -- here is a link that provides a good guide on how to wrap the ears:

Link to Ear Posting Guide

Another Posting Guide with Pictures

Deciding to Crop Ears
Here is a link to an interesting discussion regarding reasons to crop the ears. We believe it is better for the health of the ears.

To read short article, click here.

If you wonder why ears ever started being cropped in the first place, then click on the link below for an explanation:
Link to Explanation

Doberman Ear Crops:
Different Lengths
Doberman ear cropping information with the different ear lengths shown.

>>Click Here --

Ear Crops Pictures Posted by Millstone Animal Hospital
>>Click Here -- Photos of Ear Crops

Why Dock Tails?
"Hi Laura,
I was wondering - Why do dogs have their tails docked? I know it is a breed
standard but why? I know I am like your four year old but I was curious." Tara F.

As I had to explain to my 7 year old who can understand - there is just not any making my 4 year old understand truly other than "the vet just needed to take it off". Anyway, it is definitely a breed standard and I just don't like the way a long tail looks on a big dog. But, I am pretty sure that the tails started being taken off for two other reasons - 1) danger to itself as it would wack things and injure its tail and 2) it wacks you! If you have ever been around a large dog from another breed that keeps the tail, you would understand how nice it is to not have it there. Imagine something about the size of a young kid's arm swinging back and forth pretty much uncontrolled with no regard as to what it might swing into!

For a more on the topic, Click Here.
doberman puppy chewing
Puppy Training Problems &
Puppy Stages of Development

We have had one incidence reported regarding a puppy being hard to train. To read more on this, go to the following link:

>> Click Here to go to this owner's page <<
Note: Good information provided on this page regarding training and stages of puppy development.

Picking a Name
Picking a name can be hard. Here are a couple of links
that provide a list of names - hopefully making this task
a little easier on you!

Fun Puppy Names
2,000 Dog Names
Favorite Puppy Names
Great Puppy Names
Alphabetical Dog Names

June 12, 2012 -
My husband and I recently bought a Blue Doberman pup named Samson and he is almost 5 months old (born January 27th). He started getting bumps on his back and is now starting to lose his hair in little patches. One of the spots had pus in it and looks like it is healing, but his hair is not growing back. We feel a few more bumps in other areas of his body as well. It has been about a week since he lost some hair. We are not sure if it genetic, since he is a Blue, or possibly staph? If it is staph is it contagious to other animals or humans? Other than the skin problem, he seems to be healthy. He still has tons of energy and keeps us on our toes :) Any information will be of help!
Thank You,
Franc and Ashley"


Sorry to hear you are having some problems. My gut feeling is that it is staph. I looked up info for you to read below. Also, I looked up a shampoo that should help. Here is link to amazon (called DermaPet):
>> Click Here to purchase on Amazon

I would suggest giving the shampoo a try. If it is a bad case of staph, he may need an antibiotic which means a trip to the vet. The vet can then also determine if it is something else. Keep me posted!

Information below copied off :

Treating Canine Staph Infection

Your vet will recommend shaving any hair in the affected area before you apply any ointments for the treatment of staph infection in dogs. Ointments can help relieve the symptoms of staph skin infection. Your vet will prescribe oral antibiotics for the treatment of the infection itself.

While your dog is undergoing treatment for staph skin infection, keep him clean by bathing him regularly with an antibiotic dog shampoo, such as one that contains benzoyl peroxide. Oozing wounds, scratches and blisters should be kept bandaged during the recovery process.

Keep your dog's bed and living areas clean and disinfected. Veterinarians don't think that staph infections of the skin are highly contagious to other animals or humans, but it's a good idea to limit your dog's contact with other animals while he recovers from staph infections. Wash your hands and change clothes before and after handling your sick dog. Remember, even if you're not vulnerable to infection with staph bacteria, your dog could develop secondary infections if he comes into contact with other bacteria found on your clothes or hands.

Doberman Pinscher - check out our Doberman Pinscher information, read reviews, view photos and ask questions.

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