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Guen's 5th Litter - Development Diary

August 27, 2006 -
The last pup sold today to Michelle's uncle, owner of Saranda (same litter). He will be living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

August 21, 2006 -
The last available pup in this litter, a red male, is having fun today with his half brothers and sisters. I brought the new litter home last night. Good thing, too. He was really missing his sisters that left yesterday!

August 20, 2006 -
Sara flew home today! Michelle called after getting her and said Sara seemed a little nervous, but all-in-all seemed like she did really well. Michelle was a little nervous about flying her. All worked out fine.

Brittany and Brent from Mississippi drove last night (starting at 9:00pm and stopping at a hotel at 2:00am) out our direction. They woke up today and drove another couple hours. Destination? The Garretts to pick up their new baby, the last red female in this litter.

I spoke with them once they got home. On the way home, they decided on her name - Reece. Brittany said Reece did really well for them on that long journey to her new home!

August 17, 2006 -
Met Holly at our vet. She was meeting us and her new family member for the first time. She seemed very happy with him and he seemed pretty comfortable in her arms!

August 16, 2006 -
Took the fawn male to our vet to get his ears cropped.

August 14, 2006 -
The red male tagged yellow flew home today as a surprise for Cheryl's daughter who lost a pup due to unfortunate circumstances.

Cheryl called once she received him. Her and her sister went to pick him up at the airport. She bragged on him and said he made it just fine.

August 14, 2006 -
"I had lots of fun yesterday. Really enjoyed meeting the family that took the two male dogs. Enjoyed being with the kids. You are so wonderful and your husband is so nice. Thanks for having me over and selling my pups." -- Pat

August 13, 2006 -
It is a Puppy Party!! Pat and Tina brought the pups over to our house (the Garretts) today along with Cathy (owner of black male, Harley Jr.). Two other sets of owners met Pat at our house.

Nine pups got here today .. 4 left with owners! All were very happy and excited to be welcoming their new family member into their home. It was a really fun day for all!

August 11, 2006 -
"One female likes to be helped. She will cry for you to pick her up. She is a little doll. Don holds her all the time! --Pat"

August 10, 2006 -
From Michelle, owner-to-be of red female:

"Her name will be Lady Saranda Anne Guenevere. Sara for short (Saranda is a combination of our other two dogs names) she will be living in Selden, Long Island with Jimmy, Michelle, Madison, Charlie and Felix."

August 10, 2006 -
"Any of these pups are fantastic. All great picks. There is a big red male and a big black male. I would like them to go together. They are buddies. I know it is up to the buyer. The other two red males look alike. I have a small red female. The other two look a like. --Pat"

August 9, 2006-
"The big bLack boy with light feet looks like Harley. This is funny -- He lays by the food pan and will eat then go to sleep with his head in the pan. He is too big to lay in it! The one we called Harley with darker feet is really sweet. The big black boy is sweet and likes to eat all the time.

The pups had their last worming today. No worms that I could see with the eye. They all want to be loved, loved, and loved -- All together. Now, that's a trick! Don will hold four and me four to five. Whee!! --Pat"

Laura: "Now that is a picture I wish I had (both of you holding all of them - ha!)."

August 9, 2006 -
"Just cleaned the kennel and, of course, they wanted their morning loving -- They got it! Six weeks and 3 days old, sweet little angels. These pups have meant so much to us. It may be because they are Guen's last babies. Guen really works with her babies. She is not getting to feed the pups anymore, but still goes up to the kennel and talks to them. Guen's our baby. Her pups will stay forever in our hearts. We love all dogs! --Pat"

August 6, 2006 -
First round of puppy shots given.

August 5, 2006 -
"You really do a good job. Tomorrow the pups are 6 weeks old ---- What happened??? They were babies, now they are pups! You should have seen the pups take their first bath. Yes, they all love their bath. They'll just let me do anything to them. They trust my love and judgement .. and want stay away from my feet!. This is really funny -- everytime Don goes out (which is all day long), he has to hold the big red one (male) and the little red girl. They cry for him as soon as they see him. It is really something to see. Don loves to sit down and hold our little angels. --Pat"

August 1, 2006 -
Don said, "I know why our puppies are so smart .. They read the newpaper all day and night!" (We keep the light on all time.) Too funny!

July 26, 2006 -
"We set the pups up in the kennel. They seem real happy. I check on them all the time.

They are so pretty and cute. Good eaters! And, they drink lots of water. All are using the kennel door. Guen's pups have always been ahead of my other pups. Maybe the mother (Guen) teaches better. All of the pups have the cutest baby faces. The fawn eats all the time and falls asleep in the food bowl -ha! When they were in the house, there were always four that would sleep in the food pans! --Pat"

July 16, 2006 -
"Today, they are 3 weeks olds. Well, well - 4 of these pups are about a week ahead, or so developmentally. I am surely going to miss Guen's pups. But, she is also letting me know, this is it. I guess we all get too old to have babies. I'll miss her babies. I have always thought her pups were cute and so, very smart. The fawn has to sleep with his head on the sides of the whelping bed. So do some of the others.

They ate real food this morning and did very well. But it's everywhere! They do still want their mother's milk. After eating, they like to play and then nap. They are all the same size except for a little red girl and a little black boy .. all beautiful. The babies are so good when they are a sleep -- Ha! Ha! Pat"

July 5, 2006 -
Thoughts From Pat:
"The babies are walking and at 9 days and they are peeking! Guen has a lot of babies to feed and take care of. It is really fun to watch Guen. She tells her babies to be good. If she has to tell them again, this time they listen.

The fawn really tries to push mom. The very first time we sold a fawn, Guen went and sat on the sofa and looked at daddy (Don) for one hour. Guen really likes her fawn pups.

I think we have a Harley, Jr. -- very first one to walk. Guen seems to be taking to this one big time. He's also the smallest pup. And, he is doing things first - so far, I would say he's the pick of the litter. Pat G."

June 30, 2006 -
The pups went in to get their tails docked and dew claws removed.

June 29, 2006 -
"Good morning! I'm sitting in the day room watching the little puppies. Right now, they are fussing over who gets to eat. I could sit here for hours just watching them. They are very cute.-- Pat"

June 26, 2006 -
"Guen loves her babies! She licks them all the time. The pups are a very nice size, not too big. Guen is so happy and really watches us when we hold her babies. -- Pat"

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