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Harley (Sire of Litter)     Polly (Mother of Litter)


Black Females:
Luna   KD

Black Males:
Zeus   Milo   Sam   Beau

This black female is now living with Peter and Jo in Corpus Christi.
Owner's Web site:

5 month old Doberman Female pup

December 29, 2007 -

"Hi Laura,

Well, KD is now 5-1/2 months old and it seems like she grows every day. I was wondering if you had any updates from her sister, Luna, in Florida? KD has been bothered by a reoccuring GI problem. She will get diarrhea and sometimes vomiting, go on antibiotics, be fine, then 1 week after the medicine stops, she gets sick again. We are now putting an additive on her food to help promote the growth of the right kind of bacteria in her digestive system. The bouts of diarrhea did slow down the housebreaking process. Just about the time she had a good handle on it, she would get sick again, and couldn't help it. Right now, we are a little baffled as to what might be going on. She is growing and gaining weight at a good rate.

EVERYONE who sees her remarks how beautiful she is, and one of the best looking Dobes they have ever seen. Most who know Dobes also can spot right away that she did not come from Corpus. So, she is the best looking Dobie Girl in Corpus right now!

I hope that you and your family enjoyed a nice Christmas. It is always so much fun with little ones waiting for Santa. Our Pups had a good one. Several people brought KD toys, and we got her some, so she was very, very happy. She loves playing with toys and having them all around her!

My best to all and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jo Barr and KD"



Hope you have had a good holiday season thus far. Yes, the kids were treated very good by santa!

I hate hearing that KD has been having problems. What kind of food is she eating? I have heard horror stories about food from China. Just to be sure it is not the brand of food, why not try a different brand and see what happens. There are formulas that are gentler on the system. I think the additive promoting the growth of the healthy bacteria in her system is a great idea. Especially since she has been on the antibiotics.

I haven't heard from the Florida pup owner in awhile. Do you want her email address so you could touch base with her? Very nice people.

Good to hear from you. I do hope the GI situation calms down. I don't think you mentioned how long it has been going on?

Hope you have a good new year!


3 month old Doberman Female pup

October 26, 2007 -

"Hi Laura,

Well, KD has been here a month now and grown so much! She is such a love, and all puppy! It really keeps us on our toes to stay 1 step ahead of her, as she is so smart. She will now sit and wait until her food dish is put down without butting into Z's or Q's dishes. She is so proud of herself when she does something right and will jump up & down. She runs through the house like a gazelle! Everyone that sees her thinks she is just the prettiest Dobe with the best markings they have ever seen. She is also sweet and a big love."

3 month old Doberman Female pup
Best Regards,
Jo Barr & KD

3 month old Doberman Female pup
Watching for Dad

Doberman Female pup
September 30, 2007 -
"KD is settling in well, loves to play with lots of toys
(all at once), to cuddle & be held. That may become a
challange as she gets big. She & Z have a good time playing chase,
taking turns and Q supervises. She is a big love, and all puppy."

September 21, 2007 -

Here are some cute pics of her in the room with the big gals...

"Oh my, she looks so cute, and growing! It looked like she had some good buddies to snuggle up with. I love the rust markings on her chest. In some pictures they look like 2 hearts! In one expression, she looks just like Z can look at me."

8 Weeks Old
8 week old female dobe puppy

Oh, she is growing and her markings look beautiful. That expression looks like pure innocence and it is either full of sweetness and love or pure mischievousness. Most likely a mixture of all!

Jo & Pete

8 week old female dobe puppy

KD on top - Attack!
8 week old female dobe puppy

Here are some new pics for you from my visit Tues. Enjoy!

7 weeks old ..
7 week old female doberman puppy

7 week old female doberman puppy

Oh WOW! She has grown, and looks beautiful! I can't wait to have that sweet puppy face here! Thank you, thank you for the pictures!

August 19, 2007 -

Pete and Jo drove up from Corpus Christi (7 hours one way!)
to meet the pups, parents, and humans involved
.. and most importantly, to make their pick!

Black Female Doberman Puppy owners

Black Female Doberman Puppy owners

Black Female Doberman Puppy owners

August 20, 2007 -
What fun! Thank you so much for the time yesterday.
We are excited about our new little princess. I told Pete
if KD grows up to be as pretty and elegant as her Mom,
she will be beautiful.

Black Female Doberman Puppy
Pictures taken August 7, 2007
Black Female Doberman Puppy

October 9, 2007 -
"Hi Laura,
The vet took the splints of off KD's ears today. They stand pretty well. One gets a little different angle to it at times. We will see how it does over the next day or 2 and see if we will want to re-splint. She went from weighing 17 lbs even last week, to 19.7 lbs today, 1 week later. She is growing. Pete gas nicknamed her alligator since she tries to chew everything coming and going. She is busy on a pig ear right now...big time treat!

October 5, 2007 -
"Hi Laura,
KD is doing well and can be quite comical. She LOVES playing with doggie toys, and lots of them. It was a good thing our girls had a bushel basket full.

She is still showing a spot on the top of her head from the crown. It flaked off, like a scab or peeling skin, but is still white like a scar. It looks like a little bald spot on the top of her head right now. Is there anything we can do that you know of?
Jo & KD"

"I noticed a spot forming after the crown was removed. The edge of the crown seemed to rest there and rubbed it. If it is just a place now that looks healed but hair fell out, the hair will grow back. I am not sure what to recommend. Haven't really had that happen before. What does your vet think? --Laura"

"I will see what he thinks tomorrow when she goes in to have her ear bandages removed. It looks like we may be able to leave them off as they were standing well. I will take pics. Thanks, Jo"

October 2, 2007 -
"Well, KD seems to be doing well, has gained a little weight, now up to 17 lbs. Loves to play with toys, follow Z and get her to play chase. She got her stitches out of the ears today and they are doing well. It looks like only one more week of being in the "ear splints". She is a sweetheart."

September 25, 2007 -
"KD seems to being doing great and adjusting quickly. Nothing seems to really stress her out so far. She & Z already seem to be friends & monkey see, monkey do. She and Z are both curled up in their own respective puppy beds under my desk right now taking a good power puppy nap. She has played with toys, with Z, given kisses and just looked cute. We are going tomorrow afternoon for her vet visit and ear wrap. He just called to check on her and said her ear filpping back today was fine, not to worry. She is a very good girl and seems sooo sweet!

Thank you so much for all you did. I am sure your Boxer is wondering where she is today! I will bring my cable tomarrow and get some pics to you.
Jo, Pete, KD & Z"

September 25, 2007 -

"She is on her way!

She has not completed her antibiotics put in food bag attached to top of crate.

Hope pick up is easy! Send me a quick reply to let me know she arrived safely - Take care!--Laura"

"Yipee! I will leave here in a few minutes to get out to the airport. Pick-up should be easy, as it is such a small airport. Only one amin building.

I will call or e-mail after KD arrives...and she and Z have their first meeting. Today during the day will be spent at the gallery."

September 24, 2007 -
"We are sitting in Vegas airport, waiting to board. (Got out the laptop.) We would both rather just be home PLAYING with our puppy! Thank you so much for everything.

I did love the picture of KD with your Boxer all cuddeled up. I have a feeling then, she just might win Q over the same way, as Q is sort of the motherly type anyway. We are very excited, and I am glad that even your husband was impressed. Q is such a smart dog, and Z is too, it would be very difficult for us to have a stupid dog!

I will get the memory stick on the camera cleared so I can get some pictures of KD with her new family. She already has her appointment set for her ear wrap and initial checkup Wed. Will she be due for any shots?

Must get to gate now.
Thanks again,
Jo & Pete"

"She will be due for shots. Also, I don't have heartworm medicine on hand or I would have started her on that. I am sure you know to get her on that anyway. I look forward to you sending pics once she is home!"

"Finally, we are home. Two happy dogs to greet us. We have everything ready for KD to arrive tomorrow. Dinner first, unpack later! I think I like home, puppies and our quiet bay much better than Vegas with all the noise, lights and people! At least for long term and a day to day enviornment! KD should like the big back yard and the bay, too!"

September 24, 2007 -
"Well, tomorrow's the big day! I know you are probably very excited. I am extremely sorry to hear about your friend. I really don't know what to say.

In regards to KD, she is one of the best pups we have ever had around here! My husband doesn't always have much to do with the pups. That is my "thing". He loves our dogs. This weekend, however, he commented on how smart this one was and that she is a very good pup. You have no idea how much that means. He never comments on the pups! She is, too. A very, very good pup. Another strange thing -- our Boxer usually is grumpy towards the pups. She will play with them, but when she is done, she is done. KD has won her over, too. My Boxer is going to miss KD, I fear. They are always hanging out together and when they sleep, they do so cuddled up. This hasn't happened since our Aggie was a pup! I am very impressed with your little girl.

Oh, and you are right about her markings. They do kind of look like hearts!

I will get back to you shortly when I have the flight confirmed.


September 21, 2007 -
"We are in Vegas now. I was able to deposit cash into your account before we left. Things have been a bit of a blur the last few days. One of my closest friends had a massive stroke Wed AM, and died at 8:30PM. I am still in a bit of shock. Tina was so looking forward to KD coming home and getting to be Aunt Tina and play with the puppy. She will be greatly misssed by any who knew her. Thanks for the pictures."

September 21, 2007 -
"As you can see in pics, Scarlett is feeling better! She had a bone chip on her eye socket -- which turned into a lot of swelling and infection. She couldn't see out of her eye Monday. Now she is happily playing, where she couldn't eat earlier this week."

September 19, 2007 -
"Hi Laura,
How did little Miss KD do today with her ear cropping? I do hope all is well. I plan to wire the money tomorrow.

"I sent you an email not too long ago .. she is fine! I am sure a little confused right now, but for what she just went through, she is doing great. When are you leaving out of town?"

September 19, 2007 -
"Funny -- I shipped the two other pups I had here with me yesterday, early morning. That meant she was the only one here. I haven't heard one wimper from any of them since they have been here. Well, later that morning after she realized she was the only pup here, she had a fit!! Can't explain it. She was just upset!? My dogs are back. Our Scarlett got injured out at my mom's and we had to pick her up and take her in Monday. We brought all three of ours back. So, she had the big dogs to be around. Anyway, long story short, she finally got used to the fact she was the only pup. She especially liked hanging out with them in the laundry room as that is where mine sleep when we put them up.

I have to go -- later! Laura"

"Well, I guess it is a good thing she is coming to a house with a couple of other dogs. That will help keep her company.

Our Q even had a house visit (more like here at work) from the vet yesterday. Our vet was coming by to drop off a chain for repair, and saw it was time for Q's recheck on her ear infection. So Pete ran home (close by), got Q, and the vet saw her here. She drew blood and Q is now on thyroid medication, antiobiotic, anti-itch and arthritis pill. 4 in all. She should be feeling better in a couple of days with the ear infection. It changed up on us, from one type to another, so the medicines had to change.

How is Scarlett? I trust it was not a serious injury and that she will be OK. Q blew her knee out when she was about 2 (drivers side, rear as Pete would say). They did a nifty knee repair on her. Oh, she hurt that night after surgery, and I slept on the floor with her, holding her. She always wants Mama when she doesn't feel good. Just like a little kid. So, if you could ask your daughter to give KD extra loving today, I am sure KD and I will appreciate it!
Thanks so much!

P.S. We are leaving town at 5:20AM (ugh) Fri., but will be there by lunchtime and we will be back here in CC 8PM on Monday. I will take laptop (for email) and cell phone with us. So you can let me know what time to be at the airport Tues to get her."

September 17, 2007 -
"Thanks for sending the pictures on. We are headed to Petsmart to get food etc now for her. I am sure we will come back with new puppy toy along with chews etc. I am sure KD will love all the extra attention. There is nothing sweeter than a child and puppy."

September 16, 2007 -
"Hi Laura,
How is KD doing and is she ready for her big day to get her ears done Wed? If you have another pic of her, it might help get us through the next few days until she gets here. At least I feel we are on the final countdown. This weekend was great and busy, getting 305 Corvettes loaded (and unloaded) on the Flight Deck of the USS Lexington, then another car show today. It was a great event yesterday, and raised money for the USO and Wounded Warriors. KD got her first collar today from the car show, an official red "Vette Pet" adjustable collar. Z modeled it while ago, and KD should look great. She will most likely outgrow the Vette before she does her collar.

Let me know how the ear cropping goes.

Thanks for everything.
Jo & Pete"

"She is doing great! I will get you some pics! I ship two pups in the morning which will leave her here by herself. My daughter loves carrying the pups around so that is what the rest of KD's week will be like! (Aside from the crop) The best is when I find a pup and my daughter asleep in bed.

I can't wait to see her new collar on her. I bet it will look sharp on her black coat!"

September 12, 2007 -
"Hi Laura,
I thought I would forward the Corpus Christi Airport info to you, as it is not the largest. I do know that people have had their pups flown into here, and some fly out of here. The big advantage is that the claim area is small, easy in and out, and I can probably park right out front of the claim area. Something you sure can't do in Dallas!

I will be looking forward to new pics of KD. I see that some of the others have already made their way to their new homes, and some traveled quite a distance! KD will have littermates all over the country! How cool!


September 11, 2007 -
"Hi Laura,
Well, KD's homecoming is getting closer! I saw pictures of some of the pups with their ears already done and wearing their crowns and tiaras. I am sure it will go just as well for KD. I wish we could get her now, but I couldn't bear leaving to go to the wedding for 4 days with her here. Nikki already thinks we are more excited about the puppy than her wedding.

Have you gotten any more pictures of KD?
Thanks for everything.

"Hey - I brought her home with me today. Thought you would like knowing that. She is scheduled for her ear crop on the 19th. It has been going quite well with the ears thus far. I will try to get you some new pics tomorrow. FYI: Pat was letting her and the runt be in the house. So, she has been getting some favored attention!

"Oh, that is good news! Give her some extra love for me tonight! I bet she is growing like a weed! It has been fun watching our neighbors pup (mostly Black Lab) get taller by the day. She is almost as tall as Z now, but can still fit through the fence to come over and play. We will be looking forward to new pictures!"

September 4, 2007 -
"Ohhhh! So cute! She sure is growing. Her markings look beautiful. Thanks for the pics. This will do until you see the babies again!

We told Z this morning that there was a big advantage to being her size. She will always be the lap dog. KD will soon outgrow being held!
Jo & Pete"

August 30, 2007 -
"Hi Laura,
How was your visit to the puppies yesterday? Great news that I read about the fawns. I hope you got some new pictures, as I feel we are about to wear out the ones we have! Ha! We are anxiously awaiting KD's homecoming.
Best Regards,
Jo & Pete"

"Pup visit went fine - I advised Pat to move all the pups to the kennel. The pups inside were destroying that sun room where the computer is. Pat was so depressed. They did move them out today. I think they were worried about getting Amber & Polly's blacks confused. To keep them tagged, I suggested putting the lock ties on their ankles like bracelets. It is for the best. The pups just didn't seem as happy inside this time as those out in the kennel.

I am happy with the DNA results. I hated to think the they were "mutts".

I did get pictures. I didn't pose each one this time. I took pics as I could get them. With 20 pups, I need help to do it right. Pat & Don were both too wore out. There wasn't anyone to help. So, I stood in the middle of them, jumped, ran etc. and snappped shots - enough that I am hoping I captured all of them. It wasn't easy.


"Thanks for the e-mail. I bet the pups are getting quite active, and need some room to run around. The pictures that you have up of Amber's runt of the litter are adorable. They look like they should be greeting cards! You should send it in!

Next weekend we will be setting up and having a booth at the Home & Garden Expo, which means long days, including Sunday, then teardown and put the store back together on Mon. So, I am glad KD is not here this coming weekend. However, I did have 3 people in line volunteering to be puppy-sitters! Some of our friends want us to have a "puppy shower" when KD gets here. I think it is just more of an excuse to have another cookout!

We will be looking forward to the pictures!
Jo & Pete"

August 24, 2007 -
"I think KD's mom, Polly is a most regal looking lady, so if Dr. Schaeffer thinks KD's ears should be close to Polly's and would work well, we can work in that direction."

"Pat told me she moved Polly's pups inside and Amber's are out now. So, I know Polly's are getting good attention. I just got her scheduled for the cropping. (I will get her first wrap on her). The food she's eating -- Science Diet, puppy formula, small bits."

August 22, 2007 -
"Hi Laura,

I hope KD is doing well. I just wish she was closer, so I could visit her these next few weeks. I hope she is getting some "special" time being held and talked to. How does it work now with her and Polly, since Polly can no longer nurse her pups? And how much from mother dog Amber? Amber is so beautiful. We are anxiously awaiting KD's arrival here.

Does she still get to spend some time with them, teaching them and helping their development?

Some of the questions I have are what kind of food and how much. Our girls eat 2 to 3 times a day (Z eats 3 times and Q 2 times). What kind of flea protection can a puppy this young use? What kind of treats?
I am still leaning towards having her fly into Corpus. This is a small airport, so pick-up will be quick and easy. She will not have to wait around. The airport is also only about 20 min away from work or home. Another advantage to Corpus! I will get her appointment pre-scheduled with the vet as we get closer to time for her arrival.

Guess I better get back to work. Thanks again for everything!

August 18, 2007 -
Some pictures of Z -- Z loves suckers & candy canes!
owners dog Z

August 8, 2007 -
"All of the pups look great, and I think it will be hard to decide which one, until they are a little more active and their own personalities start showing. Each one looks absolutely adorable. Thank you so much for sending them.

What is the Blue looking like? I have not been able to find any pics of Blue Dobes, or if I have, I didn't know what I was looking at (which could be the case). We are still planning on making a trip up in a couple of weeks. I am so looking forward to meeting you and seeing those sweet puppies!

Thanks, Jo"

July 24, 2007 -

"Hi Laura,

Every day I find myself checking your web site looking at puppy pictures of other litters at the same age and beyond. Needless to say, we are both excited. I noticed on a litter from one of the other breeders, you brought the pups to your place at about 6 or 7 weeks. Will you be doing the same with these pups? All 20 of them?!?!!! I can't imagine 20 pups running around! I would probably be laughing at their antics all the time!


July 18, 2007 -
"Hi Laura,

We have been paying particular attention to ears. I liked Harley's and then found a website that had different lengths shown. The site is :

The medium crop looks the best to us. How long do the pups usually wear the crown (or in the case of the girl pups, the tiara?)

"Tiara -- love it! Medium is a nice crop as it will be easier to stand than longer crop. Also, look at the base. A show-style crop will have a straighter line down the base of the ear, more like our Aggie's. A pet-style crop will have a full base like our Scarlett's (also helps stand easier). And, you can go somewhere in between!"

"I'll trust your judgement on the base, but the one like Scarlett's sounds good, especially if it helps them stand easier. Talk about being distracted this week! All we can think about is little KD, and the growing KD.

We are lucky to have our own business and the layout of the place will allow us to easily bring her with us every day. The "working area" and my office is enclosed with french widows and a couple of doors out to the showroom. So, she can be in this area with us, and we won't have to worry about her being out in the showroom with customers. Of course, with Z, some people come to just see her, and naturally she obliges with a happy tail.

Have you been over to see all the puppies yet? Almost 1 week old already! -- Jo"

July 17, 2007 -
"I know it will be really hard not to want to bring the baby home, but 5 weeks is too early to take her away from the mom and littermates. They seem to be learning a lot in weeks 5, 6 & 7 that is important later on. We are also thinking that we may want to have your vet crop her ears, as I really don't think there are that many Dobermans here in CC that our vet would have done. Although, we use the best vets in the area, I am not sure how much of need there is for them to do ears. I do know that it is best for someone to do it that has expierence with the breed to get a nice job.

Thank you so much for all the e-mails. I can't wait for puppy pictures! The wonderful world of digital and computers! That is how I can keep track of the grand-kids, since they all live by Chicago.

Best Regards,
Jo Barr"

"I agree -- those weeks are crucial to the socialization of the pups!

Our vet does an excellent job and does them all the time. You will have to line someone up for the aftercare. Add another week to pick up if the ears are being done here. Start looking at pics so you can email me the "look" you want. I am usually able to get the first wrap on them before you pick pup up. When you come up the first time, we will be going out to Pat's to see the pups. You will fall in love with Pat and Don. They love their dogs!" --Laura

"Right now, I am thinking close to Harley's or Polly's but I will do some further looking. After care will not be a problem, as Oso Creek Animal Hosp has about 4 or 5 vets now. Little Z even has her portrait on a wall in one of the exam rooms there.

I am hoping that both parents of the pups have been checked for hip dysplasia, Wobblers Syndrome and all the other genetic maladies that Dobermans can suffer from."

"No, testing has not been done, sorry to say. Both parents currently have no problems and no issues have popped up with pups to date. Since fast growth rate is suspected to be a cause for Wobblers, you might be more comfortable with a pup from Polly? She is not as big as Amber and I have more history with her bloodline -- not just her couple litters, but the breeder that Pat got her from. If you are not comfortable with the fact no testing has been done, I understand and can just shred the deposit check if you have already sent it. Either way, just let me know! "

"At this point we are leaning towards one of Polly's pups. Our reasoning is this: You have more knowledge of her bloodline and how her puppies are. The fast growth rate you mentioned, and Polly is not as tall. If there were going to be health problems with Polly, by her 3 years of age, they would be manifesting. Our big girl Q, who is now 12 is a mix. She came out on the short end of the stick genetically, bad hips, joints, knee surgery due to bad tendons, chronic ear infections due to the way her ears are formed. She received the best of the intelligence, but such a mixed bag of genetic health compromises in her legs, hips, feet, knees & ears. Disposition and intelligence are great, but her physical soundness, not so great.

We have pick out the name KD for the new baby pup.

Thank you for all of your help and guidance.

Jo, Pete, Q & Z"

July 16, 2007 -
Jo confirmed her and Pete would like a pup from one of the litters born July 14---

"Put us down for a female. 20 pups arriving in one day! What a busy day that must have been! I have been thinking about which mom. Since this is not Polly's first litter, I am sure she will be doing a great job as a mom but with Amber's Large litter, those pups might be more socialized? Then, it just may not make any difference at all! Both moms are beautiful. Does one seem to be more sociable and lovey than the other? -- Jo Barr"

"Both moms are owned by Pat George and her husband, Don. They are doing a smart thing to ensure no pup gets robbed of milk and Amber doesn't get pulled down nutritionally trying to raise 14 pups. They have taken 4 of the fawns and put them with Polly and her babies so each mom is caring for 10 pups. It is almost a blessing that Polly had pups at same time. I have a history with people that have Polly pups and are happy with them. Polly's pups will be smaller in adult size than Amber's. Amber is a good bit taller than Polly. Amber is proving to be a great mom. Polly will have pups that will be closer to standard size. Amber is very protective of the property when we first come over -- deep, loud bark. But, my kids can run around the backyard with both Polly and Amber, no problem. Does any of this help? --Laura"

"What a smart thing to do with the pups, as there are 2 new moms and lots of puppies! At this time I really don't have a preference on mom's. I think it will be easier to determine as the pups get a little bigger and start developing their own personalities. Basically, we want a sweet love of a companion, with a big bark and size that would give someone pause when needed."

"I agree -- I am amazed at how much personality can be displayed in pictures as they get older. Picks usually start being made around 4 to 6 weeks old. You are going to have a hard time choosing between five females! --Laura"

"We will plan on making a road trip up there. It is should be about 7 hours I think. Your pictures of the other pups have been great."

July 12, 2007 -
"We want to add a sweet Dobie to our family. We are looking for a female to be the new member of our family. She can be either red and rust or black and rust. We really appreciated the way you raise your pups, and would love to have one as a new member of our household with us here in Corpus Christi.

If you have a chance, visit our website at
On the page with the Pearl Jewelry, you will find a picture of Z wearing her Tahitian Pearls (like she does everyday at work)!

Our family consists of my husband and myself, a 7 year old Fox Terrier and 12 year old German Shepard Mix (both are altered females).

Best regards,
Pete and Jo Barr"

July 12, 2007 -
"I just took a look at Amber and Harley. Harley is such a handsome guy, almost royal looking. Amber looks beautiful and like a love. Is this her first litter?
Jo Barr"

"Yes, it is Amber's first litter. I need a more current picture of her. She is pretty tall so I expect the pups to be a good size."

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