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Day 2   2nd Week   4th Week   5th Week   6th Week   7th Week  
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This black male pup is now living in Oklahoma City
with Jonathan and Tracy.

July 6, 2006 -

"Hi Laura,

I see that you have a new litter from Guen!! I thought that I would send some pictures of Frisco from Guen’s last litter.

Doberman pinscher

He is very skinny still since he is still growing but a “perfect specimen” according to the vet.

As you can see he loves to run!!

He got a brother, a lab/pitt terrier rescue dog, this weekend. Frisco is very gentle and patient with the puppy. They love to wrestle and play in the baby pool that we got for them. Frisco blows bubbles!!!

He is very popular and has lots of friends at Camp Bow Wow where he boards. He always gets an A+ for good behavior when we pick him up. He even has some girlfriends from across the street (all are neutered and spaid, thank goodness).


Frisco loves kids and gives them all “high 5’s” when we are on our walks. Since we don’t have kids he is very spoiled and clingy to me, but I don’t mind. He is good about letting me kiss him and loves to have his rear end rubbed. He has been the best, we are so lucky to have him.


February 11, 2006 -

"Just wanted to let you know that Frisco is doing great! He is a big boy. At 12 weeks, he was 28 lbs. The vet said he was not fat just going to be a giant - LOL. I have started a web site for Frisco if you would like to look at pictures of him.     

I will updating it hopefully every few weeks. Feel free to use any of his pictures. He had his ears cropped last week. Looked painful but didn't seem to bother him much.




Frisco looks great! Thank you so much for staying in touch. I will definitely use some of your pics to update his page on the site.
That is fun that you have a page for him. I am glad to hear that things are going well.

Give him a hug for us!



January 2, 2006 -

Thank you so much again for a wonderful puppy. It is very obvious that a lot of love and attention were given to the pups. We have decided to name our boy "Frisco". It seemed to fit and he seems very responsive to it.

The trip home to Oklahoma went well, we even dodged all the wild fires! He whined for about the 1st ten minutes but he quickly found out that he loved for Tracy to rub his belly. And soon he was asleep. He slept all the way home and I was amazed that we didn't have to stop to potty.

His reactions to his new home were cautios at first but then that changed to curiousity especially when we found the cats. After a few whacks from the cats, I think Frisco got the idea that he was the new guy and this was the cat's home...and ever since they have gotten along nicely. Frisco even let our male cat give him an ear cleaning. I'll make sure and take some pictures from the next few weeks and send them to you."

Thanks, Jonathan

January 1, 2006 -
Jonathan and Tracey start off the new year with a new family member! They drove down today after a long holiday break with family in Colorado.

Pictures taken at 7 weeks ...

Above picture taken at 6 weeks

December 22, 2005 -
Jonathan and Tracey came out (from Oklahoma City)
to visit their new family member. They will bring
him home around the first of the year.

5 week pictures
(Finally got a good picture of this boy!)

4 week old pictures ...

He closed his eyes the last time we took pictures ..
I think he's bashful!

Pictures below taken at 2 weeks ..

May 22, 2006 -


I saw that you have a new litter on your web site and had to tell you what a great dog Frisco is. Frisco is already over 50 pounds. Right now, he is very tall and lean but we are expecting him to fill out. We graduated with 3 stars from puppy class and we have just begun intermediate class. He is a great student, the best in the class. He potty trained within the first week and does great on out trips. The crate training is also nice for our trips. Jon says that I “baby” him so that I will be his favorite. He loves kisses and to cuddle with me every night, although he’s way too big for my lap anymore. He has several friends that he gets together with for play group, ha ha!! He does great with children and other adults, too.

I just wanted to let you know how great he is. We will be keeping an eye on your web site, I’m trying to talk Jon into adopting a new “baby”!




So good to hear from you! I am happy to hear how well Frisco is doing. Sounds like everything is going exceptionally well. I am copying Pat on this message. I know she has been wondering how her babies were doing. Whenever you get a chance, we would love to see a picture of him!

Take care,
December 19, 2005 -
"We were wanting to come see him this Thursday afternoon, but will not be picking him up. We would like him to stay with his littermates at least 7-8 weeks. My wife and I had discussed either coming Jan 1 or 2 to pick him up. Also I think we have just about decided to name our little boy Beau or Bowe. Not sure which spelling we will go with.

Are there different cuts that the ears can be? Do you have any frontal shots of the father Harley? We liked his ears. Also, how long do the ears have to be wrapped and will we have to rewrap them?

Its great to hear that our boy is getting along real well with your son. How does he act with his littermates? Does he dominate them or play?

Thanks so much for all your updates and pictures we love them all."



"The name is cute! Let me know when you decide on the spelling and I will put it on his page.

The pick up dates should be fine. Hard to predict at this point, though. As for the ears, my vet knows Harley and has already done one pup like his (see Ozzy). It is a medium crop and will train much easier than having a long crop. I usually tell people it will take about 6 months to train the ears, but that varies. The first issue will be getting the ears to properly heal, then your concerns will turn to getting the ears to stand .. and last, you can get picky and
keep wrapping until the ears "cup" nicely on up to the tips.

From what I noticed, your pup is one of the friendliest in the litter. Everytime I walk out to see them, he is trying to play with
me or get in my lap. He is a very sweet pup! His markings are neat -- on his feet, he has more black "accents" than what I am use to
seeing. It is really neat looking! I will get some pictures for you to see later."

December 16, 2005-
"I see from the website that you got our deposit! Also, I was needing to know when we need to decide to get our puppies ears cropped.

Do you pick the puppies up this weekend to bring them to your house? We are very excited to come and see our boy next week."



"Jon - Got to make this short - Ears can be cropped at 7 weeks old; I think Pat is bringing the pups out here Sunday. Will address things further on Monday!" -- Laura

December 19, 2005 -
"The pups just arrived -- about two hours ago. They are beautiful! You are going to be so happy with him!

You asked about the ears ... do you want our vet to do them? If so, we could have them done at 7 weeks (costs about $280). Then we could figure out when you wanted to pick him up.

FYI: My younger son took your pup from Pat's truck to our couch and sat with him probably 30 minutes or so. It was cute!"

December 13, 2005 -
"Is there any type of toys we should stay away from? Also, what about bones? Should we just get plain or flavored? Tracy was wanting to know if when we come down should we bring something like a blanket from our house so he gets used to our smell and the cats smell?"



"The blanket idea is actually great! I think it would help .. and when he leaves with it, it will have our smells on it. I would stay
away from toys that have small pieces attached, you could just cut off eyes, etc. if you have old stuffed animals you don't want anymore. I don't like to give treats that are edible. Nylon bones are great and flavored is fine. It will give him something to focus his chewing on! The rope bones will help clean the teeth. Hope that helps!" -- Laura


"When you say, 'I don't like to give treats that are edible.'

Do you mean dog biscuits? or rawhide type bones?" -- Jon


"Rawhides can be a choking hazzard and biscuits, if you aren't careful how many you give, can cause obesity. So, neither! But that is just my opinion!" -- Laura


"So what kind of treats or goodies do you give the dogs when they do something good? Other than praise?" -- Jon


"We just give lots of love and praise! But, we do not spend time training our dogs to do "tricks". I guess in that case, you would
need some sort of reward and I would go off the advice of a trainer." -- Laura
December 11, 2005 -
"We are sooooo excited! Did you go see the pups today? And did you take pictures? :)"



"Jon - We did go see the pups Sunday. They are nice looking pups! I have now witnessed this -- you need some little stuffed animal toys or some rope bones for you boy. He loves to shake them - too cute! I will get some pictures up later."

The placement into homes for this litter is being handled by us for the owner/breeder. The pups were at her house until they were 5 weeks old. So, I won't able to get to know them until this time!

"The black male now has a future home! Today, I have confirmed three homes for those pups .. yesterday one, so four for sure have good homes. I am waiting confirmation for a red male -- four people
intereste right now!

The new owners for the black male were wanting to know what personality traits you have noticed for him. I don't guess I have
heard you say too much about him."



"Tina calls the black boy Harley Jr. He looks like his father Harley.

He is very sweet. When you pick him up, he really takes a good look at you .. I mean he stares at you. I kiss him and he looks as if to say, "Why'd you do that?"?) Tina holds him a lot. He is beginning to like it." -- Pat

December 8, 2005 -
"Thank you so much for the mail! We love recieving updates on him. Is Tina her daughter? It sounds like he might have a curious temperament, but what pup doesn't? :) If you hear anything else on our pup let me know." -- Jon


"Yes, Tina is her daughter. Glad you like the update!" -- Laura
December 5, 2005 -

The black male is yours if you want him! The lady was located in New Mexico and her hesitation was having to ship the puppy. She just emailed me and said they found another litter only a couple hours away from them. Let me know if you want him. Deposit money is due if you want this male. It is $200."


-- Jonathan and I spoke awhile on the phone regarding the male once it was confirmed that he and his wife were now free to make a decision on bringing him into their family.
A lady had contacted me before Jonathan regarding the black male. To keep things fair and to allow for good decisions .. not ones that are rushed or based off emotions, I allow the first person to contact us to have as much time as they need to make the right decision. That, of course, makes the next person in line get a little anxious! But, from my experience, too much hesitation (as was the case here) demonstrates that the timing is probably not right.

December 3, 2005 -

Thank you so much for the updated pictures. My wife and I were wondering if you had heard back on the black male puppy?"



"No .. I talked to her the day after we spoke. She sounded interested but was not ready to give me an answer. I will send her a message after this telling her that she has until Monday to make a decision. It is not fair to keep you hanging on! She has had plenty of time to make a decision .. and hesitation to me is not a real good sign.
Makes me wonder if the timing is right.

I will let you know if I hear something before Monday.

Have a good weekend!
November 29, 2005 -

My name is Jonathan. My wife (Tracy) and I are very interested in your current litter of Dobes. We are a newly married couple, almost 2 yrs! And we were wanting to add a Doberman to our family. We are most interested in your male pups and we would love to talk to you about them. Please feel free to email me or call anytime."

Thanks again,



Thank you for contacting us. I do not have any commitments on the pups at this point. If you would like me to call you, when is the best time to do so?" -- Laura



Thank you for your quick reply. How do we commit to a pup? Do we have to pick the one we want now? Can we come see them first? Also how much is it to get their ears cropped? You can call me between the hrs of XXam and XXpm." -- Jon


I called Jon and we had a nice conversation about the puppies.

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