Sires used in Garrett Litters

Male used in current breeding program info pending:
black and rust male doberman sire

(Info on new sire not on site at this time)
Sire we hope to use with our female, Grace, has been genetically tested. Details will be posted on site soon.

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Below are the sires the Garretts have used to bring pups into this world. We do not ... nor have we ever owned a male used for the purpose of breeding. In 2015, we finally kept a male strictly to be part of the family. He was neutered and not used for breeding. The reason? We want complete control of when our females are bred. Having an unneutered male around greatly increases the chances of unwanted litters. Our females are #1 - our pets and a far distant #2 - used to breed.

This fun loving male dobie was used to sire the only litter birthed by the Garretts' Blue. The litter produced blacks and reds. The Garretts kept two pups from that litter, both red females named Grace and Zoey. Only Grace will be bred.

black and rust male doberman sire
(owned by Leslie Hamilton)

Sire used for Blue's only litter
--- Father of Grace & Zoey (owned by the Garretts)
--- Bloodline will be in breeding program via Grace

This beautiful male dobie sired litters for the Garretts' Sable and Ella, specifically Sable's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th litters and Ella's 2nd litter. All four litters produced only reds and blacks. The Garretts kept a pup from Sable's and Ella's last litters, Blue (Sable's 4th litter) and Buster (Ella's 2nd litter). Blue was only bred one time then went on to live with our oldest son who married August 2020. Buster was neutered thus only a family pet.

Elvis the Doberman
(owned by the Rugens)

Sired 4 litters for the Garretts with females Sable and Ella
--- Father of Blue (owned by the young Garrett couple)
--- Grandfather of Grace
--- Bloodline will be in Garretts' breeding program via Grace

Sweet natured and appropriately protective male who lived with the Watsons (family of the Garretts). The Garretts obtained a female named Ella from a litter produced by Pyro a female owned by the Watsons named Ellie. Pyro produced blues and blacks with Ellie. Our Ella was blue and rust.

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(owned by the Watsons)

Sired litters for the Watsons
--- Father of Ella (owned by the Garretts)
--- Son of the Garretts female, Scarlett
--- Bloodline was in Garretts' breeding program via Ella

Great looking, sweet natured male used to breed Scarlett's final litter in 2009. We obtained Sable from this breeding.

Xzus owned by the Cottles -- Red Male
(owned by the Cottles)

Sired Scarlett's 4th litter
--- Father of Sable
--- Grandfather of Blue
--- Great grandfather of Grace
--- Bloodline is in breeding program via Grace

Beautiful male used to breed the first three litters for Scarlett (owned by the Garretts). Pyro (owned by the Watsons) was from this breeding. Harley sired the full rainbow of colors with the Georges' females. The pairing of him to Scarlett only produced reds and blacks. Harley's son, Pyro, produced blues and blacks with Ellie (also owned by the Watsons).

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Texas Tidalwave Harley - "Harley"
(owned by the Georges)

Sire used for the Garretts' Scarlett (first three litters)
--- Father of Pyro
--- Bloodline was in breeding program via Ella

Properly structured male bred to the Garretts' Aggie for her second and third litters. We obtained Scarlett through this pairing.

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Vixen's Red October ---
(owned by Phyllis McNaughton)

Sired Aggie's 2nd and 3rd litters
--- Father of Scarlett
--- Grandfather of Sable and Pyro
--- Great grandfather of Blue (Sable's daughter) and Ella (Pyro's daughter)
--- Great great grandfather of Grace
--- Bloodline was in breeding program via Ella
--- Bloodline is in breeding program via Grace

First sire used by the Garretts -- Aggie's first litter.
This was a gorgeous 100 pound male owned by the Hubbartts.

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Hubbartts Sebastian Vonblitz -
(owned by Hubbartts)

Sired Aggie's 1st litter
--- Bloodline not in current breeding program

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