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Amber's 1st Litter / Polly's 3rd Litter
(Home Page for Litters born July 14, 2007)
Below are links for Polly's and Amber's litters,
both born July 14, 2007.

Litters' Home Page   Development Page (Pics & Updates)  

Sire both Litters   Amber (Mother)   Polly (Mom 6 pups)

Individual Links for Amber's pups --
Cayenne "Cy" (Blue Female)   Fuego (Black male)   Yogi (Red male)

Shellie (Black female)   Mattie (Black female)   Molly (Black female)

(Fawn Male)   (Solid Male OG)   (Solid Male OB)   (Solid Female PkP)

(Solid Male OYY)   (Solid Female YP)   (Solid Female) YPkP   (Solid Female PkG)

Individual Links for Polly's pups (6) --
Black Females:
Luna   KD
Black Males:
Zeus   Milo   Sam   Beau

List of the owners for these two litters:
Black Female -- Jo & Pete (Corpus Christi, TX)

Black Female -- Jason (New Mexico)

Blue Female -- Kerstin & Family (Liberty Hill, TX)

Black Female -- Deanna & husband (Panama Beach, FL)

Red Male -- Carlos & Family (Texas)

Black Female -- Tim (Texas)

Black Male -- Hector (New Jersey)

Black Male -- Marcie, Rick & family (Virginia)

Black Male -- Joey & Monica & daughter (Houston, TX)

Black Male -- Keith (Texas)

Black Female -- Mary & Larry (San Diego, CA)

Black Male -- Breeder keeping (Texas)

Solid Fawn Male -- Kathy & husband (Italy, Texas)

Solid Fawn Male -- Eleni & Family (Pennsylvania)

Solid Fawn Female -- Margaret (Canada)

Solid Fawn Male -- in Texas

2 Solid Fawn Females -- in Arkansas

Solid Fawn Female -- in Texas

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