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-- Meet the Breeders --

The Garretts:

children with doberman puppies   children with doberman puppies  children with doberman puppies
dobermans lined up at fence

Laura and Todd Garrett, their 3 children
and their animal companions - Ella, Sable, Blue, Buster & Coco

blue female doberman pup

Daughter of Ellie & Pyro
(see below-Watsons)

Buster's mom
(not used in breeding program)
red female doberman

Violet's mom
(see below-Watsons)

Blue's mom

Daughter of Scarlett
red female doberman
Expecting mom

Daughter of Sable

black and rust male doberman with child holding
Neutered male
(Our daughter's best buddy)

Son of Ella
(Never Bred)
Cocker Spaniel
<<<=== Our fuzzy misfit. She loves having puppies around to play. Her first litter to experience was Sable's 3rd litter. Coco helped "raise" Blue and Buster.

black female doberman grandmother

Scarlett's mom
Sable's & Pyro's grandma
Ella's & Blue's Great-Granny

Garretts' nanny

Our "Nanny" passed away November 2009. She was a big part of raising and socializing the pups and deeply missed.

red female doberman mom

Sable's mom
Ella's Grandma
Blue's Grandma

Pyro's mom
(see below-Watsons)

Pictured above are the Garretts' dogs which are very much a part of their family circle.
They are all great with our children .. and quite protective, when appropriate.

Here is a letter from the main caretaker of the pups, Laura:

How the pups are raised:

"A lot of time is spent caring for the pups .. from the minute they are born. My children and I love to hang out with mom and help her get through the whole birth. We closely watch each pup for the first two weeks. Keeping an eagle eye on the pups is crucial to ensure they aren't sat on by mom .. rolled up in the bedding .. and that they are getting enough of mom's good milk. Needless to say, I don't get much sleep during the first few weeks! After the first three to four weeks, I can start relaxing a bit .. as does mom. This is when puppies are able to wobble around ... and the fun begins! The puppy playfulness kicks in and my kids love it!

From the moment of birth to about 3-1/2 to 4 weeks old, the pups and mom are kept in our master bathroom. When more room is needed, the pups are moved to the back patio which our house wraps around allowing us to keep a constant watchful eye on things. Around week 4 or 5, the pups are introduced to real food - softened. We try to capture milestones and share via pictures posted on this site. The pups are given shots at 6 weeks and 8 weeks of age.

If the pups are doing well with eating dry food and seem less dependent on mom, we allow them to go home at 7 to 8 weeks of age. They are quite playful at this age. It is a sad time for our children but a good life lesson. Understanding the pups don't stay small long does help the kids accept the departure of the pups. Additionally, knowing the pups are going to new owners that are going to love them just as much as we have is comforting. In those moments of departure, my kids realize they helped get the puppy ready for its new owner(s)."

The temperament of our pups:

"For the most part, the Doberman breed has a good temperament. What I have found with our pups, however, that there is something exceptional about their temperament. I whole heartedly believe it has to do with the fact that we are handling them from the minute they are born. The pups are handled and loved on the entire time they spend in our care. It makes a noticeable difference."

Role of Protector:

"What you are going to find with all our pups is confidence. Our Dobes are submissive only to us, their human owners. In every other area they are extremely confident and cower to nothing. The moms of our pups greet everyone who comes to visit the pups with good manners. As long as our Dobes can tell we are okay with the people being there, then they are okay with them, too -- and will insist that hand at their side is petting them!! As for the pups, they tend to approach everything with curiosity. Instinctively, they are checking things out. "

Cleanliness is IMPORTANT!

"Many of our pups sell out of state .. so who is witnessing the living conditions of the pups? My CHILDREN!! They are with the pups all day long. I cannot afford to let things get too messy. I am constantly cleaning up after the pups and sanitizing surfaces, bedding, and other items involved with caring for the pups with iodine, bleach, alcohol, Odoban, Thieves, and/or vinegar. My washing machine is also constantly running!

If you will look closely at the pictures throughout this site, you will notice that there are no droppings in the yard, the bedding is clean and the pups LOOK clean! There is no telling how many times I am bathing the pups before they go home. Let's be honest, when a whole litter of pups starts doing their business .. it gets messy. It is a constant job but with the kids around, I HAVE to stay on top of it! There is no keeping the children away from the pups :) "

From the Heart:

"Through some of what I have written here, I hope you are able to get a real good depiction of who we are and how we care and love the pups. I take my role of caring for the pups very seriously. In this breeder's environment, it is not just up to the pups' mother. I don't want our female stressing herself out anymore than what is absolutely necessary for the survival of the pups. Mom and I work together as a team. What you have to remember is these are MY babies having babies .. I want the best for my girls! Each litter is a wonderful experience. It is my job to make sure my girls are well taken care of in exchange!"

--Laura Garrett
Doberman breeder and web site creator

Below: Cute moments captured with the pups and caretakers.

children with doberman puppies    children with doberman puppies    children with doberman puppies
children with doberman puppies  children with doberman puppies  
red and rust female doberman pups with teenager   Doberman puppies sleeping with child
child playing outside with Dobermans and puppies

-- Retired from Breeding --

The Watsons:
Watsons' doberman puppies  Watsons' doberman puppies
Watsons' doberman puppies  Watsons' doberman puppies  Watsons' doberman puppies
Our family members, the Watsons, worked closely with us in providing the Garretts bloodline and placing pups in suitable loving homes. Their last litter was in 2014.

Danny & Debbie Watson, their 3 children and their animal companions -

red female doberman mother

Sable's daughter
(see above-Garretts)

Shadow's mom
(see above-Garretts)

black and rust female doberman
Not bred

Violet's & Zeus' daughter
Watsons' manny
The "Manny"

sire for doberman puppies

Ella's dad
(see above-Garretts)

Zeus' dad
Doc's grandfather

Scarlett's son
(see above-Garretts)
black male doberman father

Sired 1 litter;
Bloodline not in breeding program.

Heartbreaking -
Doc was lost unexpectedly - hit by car.
blue male doberman father

Pyro & Ellie's son

Shadow's Dad

Here is a letter from the main caretaker of the pups, Debbie:

"We built our house in 1999 on 33 acres. There is a nice creek, lots of woods, and plenty of room for our dog family to have fun & get lots of exercise. They are all our 'babies' and are a huge part of our lives.

When we have pups, they are kept inside our master bathroom along with mom where they will stay until about 4 weeks. Once they get too mobile for a smaller area, we move them to the backyard where we have a weather proof kennel ... a nice home for them and plenty of grass to play in.

Laura Garrett, my sweet cousin, gave me Pyro from her Scarlett's first litter (2005) and introduced us to life with a Doberman. I remember waiting on Pyro to be old enough for me to bring him home and how anxious I was to get my hands on him. We fell in love with our red Pyro and the breed. Having such a loving nature along with such an intense protective nature for our children and us still amazes me. We raise these pups with so much hands on, loving attention that they are ready to be an addition to any family.

Laura places the pups and provides me all owner contact information once the litter is sold out. I update pictures as often as I can and tag each pup with colored yarn around 3 weeks of age. My children give nicknames to each pup. This helps us better individualize them.

We promise to SPOIL our babies until they go to home owners!"


Below: Cute moments captured with the pups and caretakers.

Watsons' doberman puppies' manny   Ellie with babies at 5 weeks
Debbie bathing pups  Pyro meets offspring

Ellie and pups watched by Taterbug and Tank
*Tank & Taterbug observe Ellie and pups

-- From the Past --

Pat George & Don (her husband)
Doberman breeders   

Tina (Pat's daughter)
Doberman breeders
and their pride and joy:
Harley, Guen, Polly and Amber
[All RETIRED back in 2007]

Harley *
[Sire - Retired]
[Pyro's dad]
[Dam - Retired]
[Dam - Retired]
[Dam - Retired]

Below is a picture of one of the Garrett children with (from left to right):
Amber, Harley and Polly
Garrett child with Pat George's Dobes

Like the Garretts, Pat and her family were very involved with the pups. Pups were kept inside their home until a minimum of 4 weeks old .. and they were held often and looked after with great care.

Letter written by Pat demonstrating care given to her pups get:

"The first week, we constantly check on the pups to see that each one is getting their fair share of mother's milk. During the first few weeks, no one will get to see the pups to avoid exposing them to harmful germs, etc. When the pups are 4 weeks old, we then allow interested owners to see them.

Tina, Don and I hold the pups a lot after they are one week old. We stay close to mom to keep her comfortable. None of our other dogs are allowed near them.

At the end of the third week, the babies are started on food. During the fifth week, we start training our pups to potty on newspaper.

The pups are born in our day room in a whelping box. They stay with us in the day room for 4 weeks. After their first shot, we then take them outside.

Two of Gwen's puppies are being shown in UKC. (I only like the AKC shows).

We sound like we are really picky. We just want the pups to have the best of health!

Pat G"

* The male (pictured above) sired the Garretts 1st three litters for Scarlett.

Doberman breeders
Pat George with 2 of the Garrett kids
(also pictured Polly and Amber)

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