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Sierra / Harley Litter
Sierra is the sister of Guen (retired featured female on this site).
Harley sired several litters associated with Garretts Dobermans. Pics of Sierra at bottom of page.

Click Here to See: Guen's page     Harley's Page
All pups placed.

December 6, 2006 -- Notified of Red Male's new name: Cassius (pronounced cash-us)

December 6, 2006 -- 1 Fawn male sold.

November 26, 2006 -- First pup sold for this litter.
Red male will be living in McKinney, TX with Rasheena, Terrance and their girls. Today they took a trip out with Laura to visit with the pups.

BORN: October 25, 2006 / MOTHER: Sierra / SIRE: Harley

Brief information on litter:
--SIZE of Litter: 3
--GENDER: 3 Males
--COLOR: 1 Red & Rust / 2 Fawn & Rust
--AKC Registered
--Excellent markings
--All healthy pups

Pictures taken November 26, 2006

doberman puppy fawn and red males

doberman puppy fawns

Doberman puppies
Mom (Sierra) and Grandmother (Rose) cleaning Red Male

Doberman puppies

Doberman puppies

Doberman puppies

Doberman puppies
Two black pups from different litter "sneak" in a snack!

Doberman puppies

Doberman puppies

dobe puppys

Pictures from 1st Week:
November 2, 2006 - "Good Morning, Ms. Laura! This Red doberman is so much like Guen. She is a really goooood Mother. Sierra is Guen's sister, different litters. Paulette is the breeder. The puppies are off to a good start. They get all the milk they want! Very pretty little pups!" -- Pat George

doberman puppy fawn    doberman puppy red

Doberman puppies   Doberman puppies

Doberman puppies   Doberman puppies   Doberman puppies

Sierra (Mother)

doberman female adult    doberman female adult

Doberman sire    Doberman dam
Sierra's Parents:
Left: Buddy (Litter's Grandfather)
Right: Rose (Litter's Grandmother)

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