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This red male is living in Conneticut with Tim, Amy & family.

March 2009 -- "Hi Laura, thanks so much for the card! It certainly doesn't feel like Koda is 6 now... He's still doing great and has been such a good boy with our youngest daughter (who will be 2 in July). Hope everyone is doing well!
Take care,

January 19, 2006 -

"Hi there! Long time no talk.

Just wanted to say hello and let you know that Koda is still doing great. He is a good natured giant baby, weighing in at 115 lbs. Wanted to also send a couple updated pics for your site.

"I noticed that you will have another litter soon and my wife and I were thinking about getting another Dobe. Let's chat when you have a moment.

Take care,

Tim Johnson
May, Bonee & Walsh"

September 9, 2003 -

"Hi Laura, Just wanted to send you a quick note. Hope things are well with you. Just a quick update on Koda, he is now 5 mos. and 70 lbs.... In the pic above that was taken a couple of weeks ago, he was weighing in at 60 lbs. I can't get over how smart this boy is, and how good his temperament has been. I can tell that he is going through his adolescent stage right now, but is still very obedient. Take care, and we'll talk to you soon."


June 9, 2003 - "Hi Laura, Hope things are well in TX. Here is a pic from today. I wanted to let you know that Koda is doing great. I can't believe how much he has grown.... Take care, Tim"

May 14, 2003 - "Hi, Laura. I wanted to send you a pic of Koda from
over the weekend... I'll be sending a pic of all of us by next week.
Hope things are well! Tim"

May 2, 2003 - "Hi Laura, Koda is doing good so far, he is very calm and has done very well with going to the bathroom....
he hasn't done much whining, but I'm guessing it might be rough tonight. I'm sure you are sad to see him go, but we are glad to finally have him home. I'll talk to you soon. Take care, Tim"

May 2, 2003 - Koda flew out this morning to meet his new family in Connecticut. Tim called us after picking him up. He reported Koda was a bit nervous but fine - and, happy to be in some loving arms, no doubt!

Picture taken at 6 weeks

April 27, 2003 -
Tim and Amy choose this pup's name. He will be called Koda.

Pictures taken at 5 weeks

Look at the size of that paw!

This pup sold on April 18, 2003 to Tim and Amy Johnson from Connecticut. He stated "We are trying to decide between a few names ... we're down to Apollo, Koda, or Maduc... I can't start to tell you how great this is going to be ... I feel like a little kid again!"
---- I love it!!

4 weeks

March 17, 2003 (day born)

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