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Located in the Dallas, Texas area.

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October 4, 2002 - "Daphne is such a smart tiger! And, what independance...she thinks she has the solution for every situation. Of course, she's wrong, but it's endearing. Her trick ear is enough to bring on laughs. She looks as if she's part of Spanky & the Gang.

By the way, I don't know if anyone else uses the following symbols, but the little dobie symbol is something I developed. Can't imagine, though, that someone else hasn't beat me to it.

If you look at the symbol 90 degrees counter-clockwise, you'll recognize the ears, eyes and snout of a cyber-dobie."

Jim & Carol :) + :) + =:~ + =:~

August 25, 2002 -

"Dear Laura,

Things are going well. "Daphne", formerly Penny, is answering to her new name. She has gone to the dog park or to the beach everyday. She is getting better at socialization although she barks at the new dogs when they show up at the park. Once they are in the dog area, she is O.K. She will get fixed next week. She has a tendency to try to dominate Coco who at this point is very mellow about it. When we come home from taking them somewhere, we have to let Coco go in the house first because Daphne takes a defensive stance when Coco comes in. Sometimes she growls and lunges at Coco. We are hoping that the trip to the doctor will make her a little less defensive. It really isn't a big problem as we let her know that she should not do that. She will learn.

We finally got her to go down the circular stairs. Jim and I worked patiently for about an hour with treats on the steps and he had a leash gently pulling her as I helped her long back legs go from one step to the next. She hesitated all the next day until she was desperate to be with us downstairs and much to our delight, she appeared. She was so proud and happy. She just pranced around the room like she had just won an Olympic award. It was cute. Now she runs up and down....no problem.

Anyway, that's the update on this smart and cute girl.

Take care,
Carol and Jim"

August 22, 2002 -

"Here's a few photos, that tell the story fairly well.

doberman females    doberman females

The two girls have been playing for hours.
They should sleep well tonight!

doberman females        Jim & Carol"

Flew to Morro Bay, California on August 22, 2002
to be received by Carol King and Jim Kosvanec.

doberman females

Sold on January 1, 2002. Penny was returned to us in July 2002 due to family situation. Helped locate and place pup in good home.

doberman females
5 Weeks old


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