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doberman owner
April 30, 2003 - "Dakota is doing very well, we just had him and Cheyenne to the vet last Saturday for their check up and booster shots. Dakota is a solid 100 lbs. We are taking both of them to obedience school, although they already had a good basic understanding we want to re-enforce the commands with distractions (other dogs, people etc.) He is a very smart pup:-)"

"Cheyenne is 65 lbs, been the same weight for the last year or so. I will send you two pics that show the size difference pretty well (above), and you can see the size of Dakota compared to Kathy."

"Everyone comments about the size difference and then look surprised to find out he is the baby :-), he does not have an ounce of fat on him, all muscle. We walked them between a mile or more everyday in addition to play time in the yard. If you ever get to PA you are more then welcome to come and visit :-). Bob"
doberman owner

August 22, 2002 - "Hi Laura, :-) , From talking to you before Dakota arrived I knew you were someone concerned about your pups when they left, that was one of the deciding factors on getting him from you. I do appreciate the updates, always nice to hear from you. Thanks, Bob"

July 30, 2002 - "I just weighed our two. Dakota is 87 lbs of all muscle and about 2-3 inches taller than Chey (63 lbs, 18 months old), they are both doing very well. Bob"

June 1, 2002 - "Both Cheyenne and Dakota are doing very well, they do have their own individual personalities. All is well with me and my family and it seems the same for you. I weigh Dakota by holding him in my arms and getting on the scale, I am 200 lbs and he is maxing out the scale when he is in my arms so I would say he is somewhere around 75 lbs right now and he is also a bit taller than Cheyenne, he is getting big and muscular but still a bit puppy clumsy. Well nice hearing from you. Take care, Bob Earls"

doberman red male
April 14, 2002 - "Dakota is doing great, here is the latest pic with his ears all healed and standing perfectly. He is over 50 lbs now, not sure exactly how much. Thanks, Bob"
doberman red male

February 17, 2002 - "Ears went very well, and he did have to stay overnight. Friday he goes back to have his stitches removed. Cheyenne seems to understand not to be rough housing with him right now and they are both being very well behaved. Dakota is also doing excellent with his house training, he seems to know the yard is the place. Here is a picture of his new look. Bob"

doberman owner
February 12, 2002 - "Here is a picture of Cheyenne's and Dakota's new friend Tessa, a black and tan female born on Nov 14th sporting the look Dakota will be wearing on Fri (the 15th)..... :-) Bob"

Dakota flew out of DFW airport to Philadelphia on February 10, 2002. He was picked up by Bob and Kathy (who had to drive 3 hours - one way).
doberman red male
Kathy holding Dakota on the way home.

Sold to Bob and Kathy Earls in Pennsylvania via e-mail and phone conversation on February 6, 2002. He will be flown out to meet his new owners on Sunday. Informed that his name will be Dakota.
doberman red female
Picture of Cheyenne (Dakota's new sis)

doberman red male
February 8, 2002

Pictures taken at 8 weeks:
doberman red male

doberman red male

doberman red male

doberman red male
*** Pictures at 5 Weeks ***
doberman red male


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