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Located in the Dallas, Texas area.

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This is the largest male in the litter. He sold to Gerald and Nicole of San Antonio, Texas on February 29, 2000.

Doberman Pinscher
Arion is a 142 pound AKC Doberman. How he got 142 pounds is beyond me, his father was 100 pounds. He is abnormally large, and because we did not crop his ears he is sometimes mistaken for a Rottweiler, boy is he offended:). He is not fat (we asked his doctor), he is just a LARGE Doberman.

The best way to describe Arion is a big lush. He is very mild tempered, and not too worried about what is going on around him. I guess at his size, you don't have to be. He is a very confident dog and not threatened by much. And like Veda, Arion is very affectionate.

Doberman Pinscher
He was easy to train, especially because he had a good role model. Like his sister, we had him fixed to mellow his temperament.

His name comes from the Greek mythological figure Arion, a famous poet and musician of the court of Periander (king of Corinth), where he was a great favorite. He sailed to Sicily to take part in a magical contest which he won. On his way home in a Corinthian ship, he was robbed by the sailors, and forced to leap overboard where he was borne away to safety by song-loving dolphins.
---Written by Gerald

Doberman Pinscher


Thanks for remembering Arion's birthday, that was very nice.

To catch you up:
Arion (named after the Greek mythological poet/musician) is now 2 years old. He has been in perfect health, very well behaved and made A's in school. His personality is very soft and non-chalant. He is very sensitive but not shy or timid, though you cannot tell by looking at him. He weighs 125 lbs! Not an ounce of fat, he is just a huge dog. Maybe his dad was part horse that did not show up on the charts :) We chose not to crop his ears, unlike his 70 lbs older sister who just turned 3. We could not have wished for better dogs. The two of them get along great, especially for kids.

We recently moved (6 months) and they now have a backyard that is just over .5 acres. They live in the house when we are here and sleep in our bedroom with us. While outside, besides the great yard they enjoy a 65 sq. ft. dog house that sports a padded floor.

Well, it sounds like I am writing a personals ad for our dogs, but just wanted to let you know that he is doing great. If you are ever in San Antonio, please do not hesitate to come visit.
Our Web site:
(click on "About Us" then click on Arion) has several pictures of them, so log on to see how they grow up.

Thanks again for remembering and stay in touch.


Doberman Pinscher

Dobe pup
[8 Weeks Old]
This is "Big Boy", as we have been calling him.
He was the largest puppy of this litter.


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